Wednesday, April 29, 2009


While I can see why some people would like them, podcasts turn out not to be such a great match with my personal tastes. I tend to listen to things mainly when traveling -- in the car or on long walks. Since I work in a library I can't listen to anything in the background on the job. And although I'm old enough to remember when people just sat and listened to records or the radio, my current lifestyle is to busy for that anymore. So the idea of sitting down in front of the computer to just listen for a half hour or an hour or even five minutes doesn't hold much appeal. Maybe if I had a web-enabled mobile device -- but I don't. I'd have to download the podcast on the computer, put it on the cheap iPod-like device I have, then plan to listen to it later. By that time, it will have become just another chore to be done.

Anyhow, I poked around The Podcast Directory. Another non-match with my interests -- once again, all sorts of subject headings, except "history." I found something called Geek Speak Radio that sounds interesting. I added it to my Bloglines feeds, but heaven knows when I'll actually have time to listen to it. I did add feeds for NPR's Talk of the Nation (which I listen to anyway, and which includes Science Friday) and Donna Hill's Stolen Moments.

Odd thing, for two out of the three, Bloglines gave an error message saying there was no RSS feed for the page. A minute later, both of them showed up on the list anyway.

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