Thursday, April 30, 2009

digital audiobooks

This is another technology that could be very useful for people who like to listen to the spoken word, but since I tend to process information best visually -- with the grand exception of music -- it doesn't hold much appeal for me.

I'm not much for listening to books. I get distracted too easily, and there's no way to take a quick glance at the previous page to catch what I've missed. Also, the system used at my library requires special software to be downloaded to one's own computer. Downloading of titles can't be done from the library. In short, too much monkey business for something I don't really want, anyway.

When the library first provided digital audiobooks a few years ago, the new titles seemed to be mostly business books. The books they had that interested me were mostly classics I could get from Project Gutenberg with much less fuss, and in a visual format. Now I see they even have Bunnicula. --

Sorta makes me want to read it. Think I'll walk my li'l luddite self over to the children's section, pick up the physical book with my physical hand, and check it out.

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