Wednesday, April 29, 2009

online vids

Ah! The supreme time-waster! One can find boomer nostalgia like Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, It's About Time, and Laugh-In. There are also quite a few clips from 1960s musical variety shows, which are generally missing from the rerun t.v. channels.

Those who are slightly younger can revisit their childhood with the original Hamster Dance and other groundbreaking viral internet videos.

And there are new delights, like the Animusic music videos, machinima (animation made from computer games) such as Red vs. Blue, and Avatar Meets Hamtaro.

To be truly entertaining and completely legal, though, one has to either be very talented, or have something unique (which probably cost one a lot of money to get) ...

... or be rich as a big corporation. Or as a queen -- yes, the British Royal Family has their own channel.

Library uses: could be used to promote programs. Imagine, a storytime trailer that goes viral worldwide ...

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