Tuesday, September 27, 2011

a shelving problem

Recently the library just got another enhanced book, the kind with fake realia -- facsimiles of documents, maps, photos, cards, etc. -- in pockets between the pages. We now have about half a dozen or so of these, and, as they are one more trend in publishers' attempts to make print books more exciting, we're likely to see more in the future.

The problem is what to do with them.

Right now, they're behind the desk, because the loose items in the pockets are so easily lost or stolen. The problem is, no one checks them out because no one knows they exist -- which is a shame, because they're so cool.

But if we put them on the shelf, where people can stumble upon them serendipitously -- or better, on display -- the loose things in the pockets will likely get lost or stolen, and then they won't be so cool ....

Monday, September 26, 2011

a digital immigrant apologizes

Yeah. O.k. It's been awhile.

The thing is, the online world doesn't seem quite real. Even though I "moved in" years ago (if you count the pre-web internet, I've been hanging around the neighborhood about 30 years) it still has an exotic feel. Or, to switch metaphors, it seems like playing -- something to fool around with only if there's time after the real chores are done.

So, this past summer, I've been checking e-mail accounts so rarely I have to wade through hundreds of spam messages, the thought of which makes me avoid it even more.

Logging in to Facebook only once or twice a week, and then just for a few seconds to message someone instead of e-mailing, because I don't want to face the mountains of spam (see above). And then avoiding Facebook because I feel guilty for all the happy birthdays I found out about too late to wish, all the now-untimely crises and rejoicings I should have responded to while they were still timely.

Tweeting so rarely my soundbite wit has lost all momentum, so I skip Twitter for yet another day.

Blogging infrequently. In this case, very infrequently.

Some days (sometimes two or more in a row) I haven't even turned the computer on. (Yes, I sometimes turn it off. My digital native daughter laughs at me for this.)

So, I'll give it another go and try to keep better 'net habits.
(But not right now. Y'see, I've just checked out this really neat new library book ...)