Saturday, January 18, 2014

2014 book challenge

Some of my colleages have taken on reading challenges or set reading goals for the coming year, so I've decided to join in the fun. As I'll be working more closely with Young Adult and Tween fiction this year, I've decided to do an overview of popular topics. subgenres, whatever-you-want-to-call-em. I read quite a bit of YA lit already, but the point here is to sample some that I wouldn't necessarily grab for myself during a shelfcheck just 'cause they look cool. Some may be outside my comfort zone, but not all; if none of them were escapist, I'd probably never make it through the year. All the books should be recently published, not part of a series I'm currently following, and in our library system. They might be on a recent award list, or suggested by a colleague, or fresh off the new book display. To be read in no particular order.

Books I would probably read anyway:
  • near future / postapocalyptic dystopia 
  • superhero / special powers / special forces 
  • time travel or chronological mishmash (steampunk, alternate history, etc.) 
  • humor 
  • plot or format centered around current technology or trends, or enhanced book  
Books I don't usually read:
  • urban fiction  
  • Hispanic 
  • LGBT 
Books I would normally find too emotional or unpleasant to read:
  • vampire / werewolf / supernatural romance 
  • high school drama / gossip 
  • mental health issues 
  • various other serious issues (death, abuse, crime, etc.) 
Twelve topics, twelve months.

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