Sunday, June 27, 2010

webpage so-called "authoring"

O.k., so this website is experimental, a first attempt at playing with a template-based website. I knew it would be restricting (so was switching from DOS to Windows), but not this much. Is there really no way to make the backgrounds of subsequent pages different from your home page? Whatta drag.


  1. I'm guessing that because Google Sites is free, it limits certain abilities like changing the wallpaper for each page. However, in the interest of designing good looking webpages, it has become standard practice to keep the background on all pages the same. This may not matter to you, however :)

  2. Sometimes "standard practice" simply means "most popular aesthetic taste." Sometimes it's useful to have, for instance, a home page with an eye-catching graphic background, and deeper, more information-filled pages with a plain background of the theme color, or even plain white with black text, for readability.
    One reason I was somewhat hesitant to put a page up with Google was that, unlike other free services, it seems to be lacking in any way to override the plug-n-play "cheat" and code by hand. So I'm sorta just using it as a sandbox.