Monday, February 9, 2009

from picasa
My dad learned to fly in one of these. They were still in use as training planes in the 1930s and 40s.
The Penn Deutsch stuff above my stove. Yes, I went ahead and uploaded
some pics to Picasa, even though I've already got Photobucket with a couple of my web pages.

Thoughts on Picasa vs. Photobucket: It seems like Photobucket has more photo editing tools, but Picasa has the easier and quickest way to rotate photos, and furthermore, the thumbnails then show up correctly, whereas in Photobucket the thumbnails are still sideways even if the photo itself is corrected.

Thoughts on then "Where in the World?" game: No fun for people who like games of knowledge and intellectual prowess, with no element of chance. The first image that came up was an indoor one, a cuturally-generic shot of pancakes in a frying pan. -- No way to win by being smart instead of just lucky.

Thoughts on the video in the "23 Things" lesson: No, the "old" way isn't bad; it just has different advantages, not the least of which is that paper prints can be viewed without a machine. Nor is web-based storage necessarily safer. Those photos I have on Photobucket are there because I had to move them from Yahoo Photos when that service was suddenly discontinued. Recently I got a message from AOL that they were ending their picture service, too, although, fortunately, I didn't have any uploaded to them. These companies are fine for what they are, but keep in mind that they're like landlords who might decide to tear down or sell the house you're renting at any time.

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  1. I love the quote under your profile picture. It made me laugh.

    Just thought I'd mention it, but you can easily make your embedded links look neater. Before you hit the embed link button, highlight a word or phrase. When you hit the button, the highlighted word will act as a link. That way you only have one word used up instead of two sentences worth of room.